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Breyer Noelle Holiday Horse布雷耶诺尔假日马
  • 市场价格:1880
  • 促销价格:1880
  • 商品编码:573387557036
  • 商品分类:noelle
  • 商品所在地:美国
  • 商品来源:淘宝
  • 发布时间:2018-09-17 05:13:18
商品详细信息 -

Breyer Noelle Holiday Horse布雷耶诺尔假日马

布雷耶诺尔假日马Breyer Noelle Holiday Horse

When the stars rise in the midnight sky on Christmas Eve, Noelle is sent to spread peace to every town and city. A blanket embroidered in gold with snowflake tassels protects her from the winters cold, and a single white feather trims her mane. As she strides into the silent night, only the faint sound of her hooves sifting through the snow can be heard. A dove lands on her shoulder carrying the message that she has been asked to deliver-Peace on Earth 2008. 13.5"L x 12"H.


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身份证信息: 根据海关相关法规规定,消费者买家所购买的国外商品需要办理通关手续方能入境,请您配合提交收件人身份证正反面照片进行入境申报。

Identification Card Info: According to the customs laws and related policies of China customs. Buyers products purchased on this website must be inspected by China customs in order to be granted to enter the territory of China. So please provide the front and back photocopy of the receiver's ID card to apply for entry declaration.




We, the store, do not bear the risks of what  China customs may perform to the goods buyers purchase, such as, confiscation, termination and detainment of your machasdiese. If a risk does occur, buyers will be responsible for that. So please consider our policies before making a purchase. We are just consultants who charge a low service fee and it comes with tax fee where our consultants purchase your merchandise at. China customs policies and laws are really flexible, so there is no guarantee whose machseidise will not be detained for customs fees. If your merchandise is among many buyers is indeed detained for custom fees, the fees will be paid by the buyer. So please be cautious in advance of making any purchase.

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